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Based on the financial sector,  provide "one-stop" services. We provide professional and comprehensive services for overseas listing, overseas m&a, Australian immigration and Sino-Australian project docking

China's professional overseas investment Banks provide guidance on listing and m&a


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Xiong Leipeng
Senior partner of bingyue capital
Graduated from southwest jiaotong university
Since 2015, with securities practice qualifications and fund qualifications he has helped a number of companies to get listed on the stock market. He led the company's subsidiaries and major cornerstone investors to become shareholders of TUHE Foods (stock code: 837233), JINXIANDAI (stock code: 834907) and Prettech (stock code: 833905) and was engaged as a financial advisor. 
Mr. Xiong has long been engaged in China's multi-level capital markets and international capital markets. He has a broad international vision and excellent capital operation capabilities and extensive project experience. He is well aware of the capital operation of Chinese local companies and can help Chinese companies make use of capital markets and financial leverage effectively to accelerate the company development in a long-term.

Cui Xiaohao
Senior partner of bingyue capital
Graduated from chongqing university, majoring in industrial engineering and finance
Mr. Cui has been an engineer and project management engineer in a large state-owned enterprise in China, responsible for the management and promotion of a large automobile manufacturing project.Hold the qualification of securities industry and fund industry, and hold the position of investment consultant in large securities company. have rich knowledge and experience in enterprise operation management, investment banking business and stock secondary market operation.

Zhao Ni
Administrative director
Ms. Zhao ni has been helping Chinese enterprises to enter the multi-level capital market for a long time, focusing on the exploration of investment value and risk control. She has rich experience in investment, financing and m&a, and has profound insights into industrial structure adjustment, industry development trend and enterprise research.

Qian Diyuan
Senior advisor
He holds a bachelor's degree from tongji University in Shanghai and a master's degree from Curtin University in Australia
Mr. Qian has many years working experience in securities, capital operation has the rich actual combat experience, former Australian CMC - Market investment company, China galaxy securities co., LTD., regional manager of standard chartered bank (China) co., LTD., He served as senior investment adviser of xiangcai securities co., ltd. and assistant to President of economic business headquarters of huaxin securities co., LTD .He have rich experience and unique views on the domestic fixed income bond market, the main board stock market at home and abroad, and road show work.

Liu Wei
Senior advisor
She graduated from the university of Sydney with a double major in finance and accounting, and is an Australian CPA
Ms. Liu has more than 20 years of experience in the field of finance and accounting. She once held the post of tax and compliance report in the tax department of listed companies in Australia.In addition, She served as the chief financial officer of China in a multinational listed group with a European background, responsible for financial management in China, internal and external financial statements of the group, domestic m&a, financing and risk control.
Ms. Liu has worked with professional accounting and tax firms as a partner, providing a range of financial planning services to Chinese smes and individuals investing in Australia.

Yin Li
Senior advisor
Graduated from southwest university of political science and law
Ms. Yin has worked as a lawyer in hunan jinzhou law firm and sichuan jiaguan law firm.Once served as legal consultant in sichuan tongyi real estate co., LTD., sichuan kongzhong investment co., LTD., familiar with laws and regulations, good at handling all kinds of litigation, have rich experience in non-litigation, drafting and reviewing all kinds of contracts of the company.

Yang Jingpeng
Senior advisor
Mr. Yang used to be the tax administration manager of a main board listed company in the automobile industry. He was mainly responsible for tax analysis and tax planning of the company. He completed the review and re-certification of the company's high-tech enterprises and helped the company obtain the high-tech enterprise certificate.Establish and maintain corporate tax information release platform, and establish corporate tax document interpretation process.Mr. Yang is familiar with the basic theory of financial accounting, the production and manufacturing process of industrial enterprises, the tax, expense, sales and cost accounting methods of industrial enterprises, and the daily financial accounting and the preparation and analysis of financial statements. He have a deep understanding and management experience of tax administration of listed companies.



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