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Welcome to the official website of ShangHai Bingyue Investment Management Co.,Ltd

Based on the financial sector,  provide "one-stop" services. We provide professional and comprehensive services for overseas listing, overseas m&a, Australian immigration and Sino-Australian project docking

China's professional overseas investment Banks provide guidance on listing and m&a

Investment field:
Emerging industries dominated by science and technology: clean technology and environmental protection, biotechnology, information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing;

Industries dominated by mass consumption: consumer goods, healthcare, Internet, education.

Investment philosophy:
Invest in growth-oriented enterprises, reasonably match the investment portfolio, and strive to rationalize risks and returns;
Strengthen the cooperation with foreign venture capital, improve complementary resources and value-added service capacity;
Build a network of channels to enhance the ability to search for projects and co-invest;
To improve the ability of project identification, investment management and service;
Early, middle and late stages to find projects with potential for rapid growth;
Not only focus on the manufacturing industry, high-tech industry, but also pay attention to the service industry, logistics industry and other areas with innovative characteristics;
Strengthening service capacity after investment: problem solving resource integration;Capital operation services;

We will build an investment industrial and value chain, reduce service costs and improve service efficiency.

Investment standard:
1. The company has stable profitability or stable customer base or stable sales channels and revenue sources;
2. The company has high growth potential, and the business income or profit or customer scale increases rapidly;
3. Asset composition: having certain fixed assets or scarce core resources;
4. Stable and clear business model;
5. Excellent entrepreneur team.

Investment exit:
Take the listing as the orientation, choose the suitable listing place for the invested enterprises in the world;
Actively promote exit through merger and acquisition;
Enterprise sale;
Transfer of property or equity;
Share buybacks.

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