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116 overseas listings of Chinese enterprises in 2016 are most popular in American and Australian markets
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  • According to the statistics of CVSource investment data terminal, about 116 enterprises listed abroad in 2016, including 106 in Hong Kong market, 10 in the United States, Australia, Singapore and other overseas listings.
    Some analysts believe that the cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong at the financial sector level has laid the foundation for the two-way demand between the Mainland financial institutions and the Hong Kong market. The large financial institutions in the Mainland need to enhance their financing capacity in the international capital market, while the new Hong Kong stock market needs strong and stable high-quality enterprises to join. The former brings vitality and support to Hong Kong's new stock market by listing in Hong Kong. At the same time, it promotes the capitalization and internationalization of large financial institutions in the mainland by entering Hong Kong's capital market. It can be predicted that the trend of large mainland financial institutions going to Hong Kong for listing will be further deepened.
    As far as overseas capital markets (except Hong Kong) are concerned, Chinese enterprises tend to be listed in the United States. According to the data, in 2016, Chinese enterprises listed overseas mainly focus on the Internet, finance and health care industries. As a traditional high-tech forward-looking business incubation base, American capital market is indeed the most attractive. In addition, the Australian market has gradually risen and become a popular choice for Chinese enterprises to list overseas, surpassing the Singapore capital market. After all, Singapore's listing needs the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and the Securities Regulatory Commission, which is difficult for many enterprises to solve.
    Overseas listed enterprises are mostly in high growth and strategic emerging industries this year. Some of them are still in a loss state when they are listed, but they have high growth potential and investment value. They seek more smooth listing ways, higher market valuation and wider visibility or are the main reasons for such enterprises to seek overseas listing.
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