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Assets acquisition:
Asset acquisition refers to the investment behavior of a company (usually called acquisition company) acquiring the main assets, major assets, all assets or substantial all assets of another company in order to obtain the operational control of another company (usually called acquisition company or target company).The shareholders of the acquired company shall have the right to vote on the asset acquisition and enjoy the right to withdraw their shares according to law, except as otherwise provided by law.According to the different means of payment, there are two types of assets acquisition, namely assets of the target company received with cash as consideration and assets of the target company received with shares as consideration.

Asset acquisition:
Asset acquisition refers to a civil legal act in which one company obtains all or part of the assets of another company at a paid consideration.Asset acquisition is an important measure for a company to seek high-quality assets of other companies, adjust its business scale and implement its development strategy.
 Asset acquisition has the following legal characteristics:
1. The main body of the asset acquisition agreement is the two companies as the buyer and seller, excluding the shareholders of the company.Therefore, there are essential differences between asset acquisition and control right acquisition and equity acquisition.
2. The object of asset acquisition is the sale of a specific asset of the company, excluding the liabilities of the company.
3. After the completion of asset acquisition, the acquiring company and the target company shall maintain their independent legal personality.
4. Although the legal relationship of asset acquisition is relatively simple, corresponding transaction costs may occur.

As a professional guidance company, bingyue capital has abundant shell resources in the Australian stock exchange (ASX) and the Australian national stock exchange (NSX). Bingyue capital welcomes Chinese enterprises to complete the listing of ASX or NSX in Australia through RTO, which has a better time cost than direct IPO.

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