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Statement on the embezzlement of P2P business by other companies in the name of Bingyue
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  • On March 24, 2017, our company received several calls from investors to inquire about our financial products. After verification, it was found that other companies embezzled the name of Shanghai Bingyue Investment Management Co., Ltd. to carry out P2P business. We hereby declare that:

    1: Shanghai Bingyue Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a financial service institution focusing on SMEs'listing guidance. It only engages in the related business of listing guidance. If anyone finds out that someone has embezzled our company's name to carry out other business, please check and confirm.

    2: The survey found that "Bingyue Investment P2P Platform" with the website, is a related business illegally carried out by illegal elements in the name of Bingyue Capital. Its platform said that "Bingyue Investment ( is an Internet financial platform under Shanghai Bingyue Investment Management Co., Ltd." It is entirely illegal institutions embezzling the name of Bingyue Capital. I hereby solemnly declare that Bingyue Capital never engages in business related to P2P or other financial products. It is illegal to embezzle Bingyue Capital to carry out P2P business. It is not our company's business. We hope that many investors will shine their eyes and manage their finances rationally.

    3: Regarding the embezzlement of Bingyue's capital for illegal activities, our company has reported to Shanghai Economic Investigation Office and Shanghai Police Station. A case investigation has been filed.

    Bingyue Capital reiterates that Shanghai Bingyue is a professional counseling institution for SMEs listing at home and abroad. Bingyue Capital welcomes the establishment of good cooperative relations among high-quality SMEs throughout the country. However, our company will seriously deal with the act of embezzling the name of the company without the permission of Bingyue Capital or maliciously damaging the reputation of Bingyue Capital.


    Shanghai Bingyue Investment Management Co., Ltd.

    March 24, 2017
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