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Welcome to the official website of ShangHai Bingyue Investment Management Co.,Ltd

Based on the financial sector,  provide "one-stop" services. We provide professional and comprehensive services for overseas listing, overseas m&a, Australian immigration and Sino-Australian project docking

China's professional overseas investment Banks provide guidance on listing and m&a


The name meaning

Industry as the basis, finance as a supplement;

Never forget the original intention, more than line

Pass on quality and go beyond service;

Inherit beyond, is bingyue.


With the help of capital and management, we are committed to helping excellent asia-pacific enterprises enter the international capital market, promoting enterprise innovation and growth, and promoting industrial integration and social development.


To be a valuable, respected and internationally influential innovative investment bank

We will help more enterprises gain access to China's multi-tiered capital market so as to raise their level of development

Help more enterprises to enter the main board of international capital market

Promote the integration and upgrading of industries led by mergers and acquisitions

Responsible long-term service attitude and excellent executive ability

A respected and trusted brand

Corporate values:

The enterprise chooses "benevolence", "righteousness", "courtesy", "wisdom" and "faith" as its values.

Benevolence: love others, think of others, do what you don't want others to do;

"Righteousness" means fairness and justice, and there is justice, morality and chivalry in good behavior.

"Propriety" means to know propriety. Don't see, do, hear or ask any evil, and cultivate your own quality and professionalism.

"Wise" means smart and knowledgeable. It is necessary to be professional and learned, to learn and learn regularly, and to build a learning organization.

"Letter" said integrity without deception, but also to be good at communication.

 Innovative spirit:

Adhere to the "learning is a way of life" concept, practice, and practice the work style, in the accumulation of continuous improvement


We hope to be the preferred partner of Chinese outstanding entrepreneurs and become their spokesperson in the capital market.We want to be a company that every competitor is intimidated by and everyone who wants to be in the financial sector wants to be.



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