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Based on the financial sector,  provide "one-stop" services. We provide professional and comprehensive services for overseas listing, overseas m&a, Australian immigration and Sino-Australian project docking

China's professional overseas investment Banks provide guidance on listing and m&a


Zhengzhou office

Wang Guangwei

Bingyue capital zhengzhou office partner
Mr. Wang graduated from sichuan university with a master's degree in economics.From 2002 to 2009, he was the financial reporter of henan daily, in charge of the financial sector;From 2010 to 2013, worked in the capital operation department of a fortune 500 enterprise, engaged in the transaction and reorganization of enterprise equity and assets, familiar with various capital operation modes;From 2013 to 2016, worked in the reform department of one of the world's top 500 enterprises, engaged in the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises;In 2012 and 2015, He served in sasac twice, responsible for project filing and examination and approval as well as the design and approval of reform and restructuring plan of state-owned enterprises.Insight into the development of the enterprise can encounter problems, Solid theoretical foundation, broad vision, deep thinking.He has published the classic mode of world corporate public relations planning (economic science press, 1st edition, May 2004).
Published papers: the resources strategic mode of operation and capital operation are relying on (" enterprise management "in 2011, 5) and the industrial strategy and management strategy of enterprise strategy study" (the coal economic studies, 2011), Mr Wang to the domestic coal industry, chemical industry, food, biological medicine industry has a deeper understanding, and have relevant experience in capital operation, is a processing and manufacturing sectors of capital operation experts.

Li Zeyong 

Bingyue capital zhengzhou office partner
Mr. Li previously worked for Beijing d.c. trading co., LTD., where he served as d.c. finance director.2002-2012 successfully planned the Hong Kong listing of Beijing dixintong trading co., LTD.Over the years, Mr. Li has been deeply engaged in the field of investment banking. As a domestic CPA, he has acquired systematic theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the financial regulation and financial sorting of companies to be listed.From 2002 to 2012, Mr. Li coached to successfully land on the main board of Hong Kong; from 2012 to 2016, he coached changzhou weitai technology co., ltd. to be listed on the new three board; meanwhile, he coached southern communications holding co., ltd. to land on the main board of Hong Kong.As a CPA, Mr. Li has been specializing in the financial aspects of the proposed listing company and is an expert in corporate listing financial guidance.


Qingdao  office

Qingdao putian HSBC asset management co. LTD

Qingdao putian HSBC asset management co., LTD. Is initiated and established by industry elites and senior people. The company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao.The company has many successful cases in domestic and overseas capital operation and listing guidance business.At the same time, the company has a set of perfect solutions to the financing difficulties of domestic private enterprises, and has a large number of successful cases.Qingdao putian HSBC is based on the country, serving the development of entity private enterprises as the goal, with a strong operation team and equity investment experience, to provide a variety of perfect service solutions for domestic private enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and provide overseas immigration real estate services.Let's join hands with putian HSBC for a higher future.
1. We have a first-class service team, whose core members are all from first-class domestic funds, securities firms, accounting firms and law firms, with rich experience in investment banking;
2. We provide free pre-examination service to minimize risks and reduce costs. We share the same fate with the enterprise. 
3. We provide continuous consultation and guidance, and our services will continue until we push the enterprise to the main board.



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