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Welcome to the official website of ShangHai Bingyue Investment Management Co.,Ltd

Based on the financial sector,  provide "one-stop" services. We provide professional and comprehensive services for overseas listing, overseas m&a, Australian immigration and Sino-Australian project docking

China's professional overseas investment Banks provide guidance on listing and m&a


Bingyue capital is an innovative international investment bank headquartered in Shanghai, the international financial center of Asia.The company is committed to providing quality and comprehensive financial services to outstanding growth and small and medium sized enterprises in China.

Company's main business scope includes Australian securities exchange (ASX) listed counselling, Australia's national stock exchange (NSX) listed counselling, listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong, the United States listed on nasdaq counseling, National equities exchange and quotations counselling, Shanghai Equity Exchange and Shenzhen qianhai equity exchange for recommend sea stocks before, equity and debt financing services.The company integrates and absorbs domestic first-class enterprise management consulting team and professional legal team, realizing the construction of a comprehensive consulting service for enterprises.The core members of bingyue capital team have many years of cross-industry experience and accumulated rich experience in the industrial and financial fields, striving to provide multi-dimensional financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "becoming a boutique investment bank in Asia Pacific", focusing on subdivided areas and constantly surpassing itself, bingyue capital has been providing excellent services for the enterprise.The tutoring enterprises cover Henan, Shanghai, Shandong, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Beijing and other provinces;The enterprise industry covers Internet, food processing, agriculture, animal husbandry, solar heat, biological medicine, network technology, platform operation, processing and manufacturing and other industries;It has set up branches in Shanghai, zhengzhou, Qingdao, Sydney and other places in the world, and is committed to serving high-quality enterprises in Asia.

Efficient service quality and excellent industry reputation are the accumulation of bingyue capital development for many years.Bingyue capital has always been committed to promoting the growth and development of Chinese enterprises, promoting the industrial transformation, upgrading and integration of China, and helping Chinese enterprises gain access to the international market .




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