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Bingyue capital assisted southern animal husbandry to get the approval of ASIC registration
  • On August 18, 2017, the Australian securities and investment commission issued an approval letter to approve the registration application of Australian Taikun Group Holdings Limited and issue ACN code: 620 889 072.

    According to the provisions of the Australian securities and investment commission (ASIC) and the Australian company law and the listing rules of the Australian national stock exchange (NSX), local (Australian local) companies and foreign companies (meaning companies outside Australia) are subject to different listing rules to list in Australia.All foreign companies listed in Australia must first through the SFC registration, obtain ARBN code, then can be submitted to the NSX exchange listing application;Or a local registered company in Australia can actually control the domestic company by setting up a red-chip structure, and submit the enterprise preliminary review materials to ASIC to obtain ACN code.Companies that have not been registered with SFC and have not obtained an ARBN (or ACN code) cannot be accepted by the stock exchange (see section 3.4 of NSX listing rules General).Chinese companies listed in Australia under the red-chip structure are eligible for this provision.After south animal husbandry co., ltd. obtained the ACN code, Australian local accountants and lawyers began to help the company enter the stage of producing listing materials and submitting listing application to the exchange, which was a step closer to completing the listing of NSX.

    An agreement was signed between bingyue capital and southern animal husbandry on July 26. After just 26 days, thanks to the active cooperation of southern animal husbandry company and the overtime work of the whole team of bingyue capital.Finally in less than a month to help enterprises get ASIC registration application approval.
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