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Promote poetry culture and wine culture, bingyue capital to help du fu wine industry listed in Australia
  • September 8, sichuan mianzhu du fu wine industry to Australia national stock exchange launch conference held in chengdu."Du fu", a historical and cultural celebrity, will go to the international stage in a brand new way with "du fu wine industry".

    As the first premium wine company to list on the Australian national stock exchange, Du fu is expected to go public in two years. Chairman wang zhonglin said at the launch ceremony.The fund raised in this listing in Australia will be used for the technical renovation project of production line and supporting facilities, marketing network and brand construction project.

    Since ancient times, poetry culture and wine culture have been deeply combined, and wine has become an indispensable friend of Chinese poets.Without wine the poet, the poem is inferior.In the future, du fu wine industry will closely focus on the super IP of "du fu", take wine industry as the core, and take cultural industry and health industry as the two wings, form the business pattern of "one body and two wings", and develop into a comprehensive du fu culture industry group.

    Du fu wine industry is located in mianzhu city, sichuan province, the famous wine town of China, with a long history.In 1954, on the basis of inheriting the old cellar pool of hengfeng wine workshop in qing dynasty, daqu cooperative was established with more than 10 wine workshops in mianzhu.In 1983, the second mianzhu qujiu factory was founded. In 1994, it was renamed as "sichuan dufu distillery".It has a brewing base of nearly 100 mu, more than 200 pits, 2 automatic filling lines, and an annual output of more than 5,000 tons of wine.More than 40 dufu wines and series products have been developed.

    Cui xiaohao, a representative of investment institutions in Shanghai bingyue investment management co., LTD., said the signing of the china-australia free trade agreement provides a new opportunity for sichuan enterprises to go public in Australia for financing and development.The Australian national stock exchange (NSX) was founded in 1937. It is the main board stock exchange approved by the Australian securities and investment commission. It has a high degree of internationalization and standard operation.Du fu industry after entering into the future exchange, financing and development ability will get quality, at the same time, the company will continue to focus on the promotion product quality, brand reputation, expand sales channels, etc., will eventually make the company improve the management level and profitability, can also help stock markets by market capitalisation of amplifier, the rise in price.

    China's liquor market began to recover gradually from last year, with the price of famous and excellent wines rising at the same time. The market size reached more than 600 billion yuan, and many internationally renowned investment institutions invested into the liquor industry through various channels, and obtained rich returns.As the "half of the country" of baijiu, sichuan wine has also ushered in a new development period and made many attempts on the way of internationalization."Internationalization is an inevitable choice for industries and enterprises to develop to a certain stage."Li shaoyu, a professor and economist at the sichuan academy of social sciences, said, "sichuan wine needs to go abroad, and the enterprise needs to have certain comprehensive strength, and the brand needs to have distinct characteristics, high recognition and cultural heritage.We should actively seize the strategic opportunity of One Belt And One Road, integrate Chinese traditional culture, and build an excellent independent wine brand with international vision.The development of dufu wine industry through listing in Australia is another beneficial international exploration of sichuan wine, which will create certain conditions for the development of international market in the future.
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